Why You Should Visit a Veneers Dentist Office

Posted on: April 17, 2017

Veneers DentistWhat does a veneers dentist do?

When you visit our veneers dentist office in Redwood City, you are seeking tooth repair and replacement. Our job starts with a single objective: to restore beautiful, healthy teeth and give a patient a radiant smile once again. To do this, we use a tiny porcelain device known as a dental veneer. Dental veneers are also known as porcelain veneers because we use an ultra-thin piece of porcelain to form them. The porcelain that we use is so thin that the device actually takes on some of the qualities of regular enamel.

For example, the veneers we use are extremely hard, which makes the devices very durable. They are also very brittle, just like natural enamel, meaning patients have to avoid engaging in behavior that can damage the teeth like opening a bottle or tearing a bag with the repaired teeth. The dental veneers also have the advantage of looking exactly like enamel, meaning they are used for aesthetic repairs as well.

What conditions can a veneers dentist use dental veneers to treat? 

Porcelain veneers are one of those technologies that have effectively bridged the gap between both cosmetic side of dentistry and its functional elements. As such, dental veneers can correct a large number of problems, ranging from cosmetic fixes to critical functionality issues. On the cosmetic side, we have been using veneers to correct discolored teeth for a very long time. Occasionally teeth no longer respond to the conventional methods of cleaning them and whitening them. When this happens, people have the option of using dental veneers to permanently whiten the teeth.

Dental veneers also give teeth a better shape so that the patients can have a perfect looking smile with smooth teeth. In addition to these, we also use dental veneers to straighten the alignment of teeth where there are minor alignment issues. Properly used, dental veneers can help to essentially straighten some of your teeth. However, one of the most frequent uses for veneers is in the repair of minor damage to the teeth. When the patient has tiny cracks, chips or small breaks to the tooth, there is always a possibility that you can get the tooth infected or that the damage will continue to spread. Using dental veneers, we can repair the tooth making it look great and also increasing its longevity.

Are dental veneers treatments for everyone or are there limitations?

From a purely medical standpoint, there are very few conditions that will hinder receiving treatment by a veneers dentist. While there are extremely rare cases of people who cannot get dental veneers, we will be sure to show one other treatment options, if this is the case. In order to ensure that you are a great candidate for the process, we will need to make sure that the teeth are healthy enough to begin. We typically do this in a preliminary examination before we ever recommend that one get dental veneers. As a veneers dentist, we can treat any health issues patients are facing, such as cavities, so that the teeth can become healthy enough for the procedure.

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